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  • +91 497 2873825
  • Muttam, P.O Vengara, Kannur, Kerala
MMJC - Muttam Muslim Jamaath Committee

School Management

The MMJC - Muttam Muslim Jamaath Committee is made up of representatives from our local community, including parents and community leaders. As the management committee of Vengara Mapila UP school, MMJC works closely with our school PTA and Teachers to provide guidance and support on a range of issues, including school policies, academic programs, and extracurricular activities.

Through our support of the MMJC - Muttam Muslim Jamaath Committee, we are able to ensure that our school is responsive to the needs and concerns of our local community. This collaborative approach helps to foster a sense of shared responsibility for our students' success, and ensures that we are working together to create a school environment that is inclusive, supportive, and focused on student achievement.

Mueenudheen SAP
Management - President
Abdulla Nalakath
Management - Secretary